Below is an example of how Cross Dot Digital & Creative aligns digital marketing solutions with business goals. This offers some context to our approach with client partnerships in the online digital marketing area of our agency. 

A client in the hospitality industry wanted to target a specific market segment in a specific location and psycho-graphic based on what they believed was the most popular traveler to their destination. This was initially based off their observation from having boots on the ground and interacting with guests face to face. Our first approach was to review their client relationship management (CRM) database to establish a baseline and verify the target segment was indeed a growing segment. Together with the business owners we were able to establish a specific and measurable business performance metric goal. Increase X market segment by 15% over the next four months.

Initially, we offered a full service digital marketing strategy utilizing various concepts of inbound marketing. During our “in a perfect world” pitch we discovered through more conversation that they didn’t have a ton of money they could allocate to new marketing spend. So we were able to work with a client to offer an à la carte version of our solutions that worked within their budget. Soon after we agreed to the plan, we were able to launch a Google Ads keyword bidding strategy to specifically target the market segment utilizing Google’s algorithms for Audience and Location searches. Simultaneously, we launched a paid social media campaign for suggested and likely commercially intent customers in the same location that had recently searched for “vacation” and similar keywords. Sure, that was a bit of jargon, but what it means is we had specific tactics to help achieve their measurable business goal. 

The outcome was outstanding. We were able to exceed the goal to grow the market segment by not 15% but 19%. An added bonus is that we were able to see that these were new guests that often have a long term customer value of at least 2.5 return visits. This was all done within their existing but reallocated marketing spend with specific intent to achieve a business outcome.

Cross Dot Digital & Creative Agency is a digital marketing and creative branding agency based in Bend, Oregon. We have in-depth experience with all sizes of businesses from Fortune 500 to SOHO. We have clients on local, regional, national, and international levels. This article was authored by Keegan McKenna, Director of Digital Solutions.