Project Manager: Beth Kenney

Experienced project manager with over 15 years of leading teams of professionals in the production of impactful client deliverables. Beth is a proven leader with a notable ability to build long-lasting external and internal relationships with al levels of clients. She is a dedicated professional, focused on building teams, implementing processes, and driving client goals.

Beth enjoys tackling large engagements and bringing order to chaos by leveraging processes, people, and technologies. She works closely with clients to identify and understand their challenges, develop solutions and lead efforts to obtain measurable results. These experiences have equipped her with a high level of comfort working directly with clients, C-Suite executives, and other professionals to collaborate to obtain objectives.

“I was obsessed with Big Wheel when I was a child.”

Biggest Regret in life: 

“Growing up and not traveling more”

If reincarnated what would you come back as? 


If I could have one special talent it would be:



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