Cultural Change Agent: Casey Crisler Davis

How does Casey define success? She seeks out and takes on projects that dare to look through more than just a financial lens, that also address positive environmental and social impact at their core. A cultural questioner who is constantly reimagining the world we all share, she strives to utilize her design talents and energy to live her values and create a more equitable world. She enjoys working collaboratively on inventive, strategic, teams willing to have conversations to envision and create a world where everyone has equal opportunity to thrive.

Her portfolio of work and her client relationships are a testament to Casey’s spirit. She’s relatable, curious and a listener with a sixth sense. She’s a questioner and a contributor. She’s a lover of human collaboration and processes and thrives working on projects that push her to learn more and then visual interpret for greater understanding by her audience. Her work for environmental non-profits and foundations has been used to explain complex ideas and technical project work to legislators and funders, influencing thought, policy and investment. Her passion for human communication coupled with her well-developed design skills inevitably lead to beautiful, effective and intentional work for her clients.

When not behind a computer screen, Casey extends her care to her community through service and play. She is an engaged citizen, having served on multiple citizen advisory committees with the City of Bend and is an active volunteer in the Bend LaPine School District. She’s also a partner and co-creator of an interactive journal that entitled, Stoke Your Woke, with the vision of creating a world that works for all. The journal is being implemented in schools, institutions, spiritual settings, and living rooms as an introspective tool to awaken ourselves to our roles to play in creating a more just world.

A Bend native, a mom, a nature lover, a community builder, a bike commuter, and a visionary who loves to dream big, Casey is a lover of deep conversation with friends and strangers alike. She lives with her family of three in a cohousing community on Bend’s eastside designed for human and environmental care. She considers her son and living in community her most challenging and rich teachers. Invite her to lunch sometime and she will likely offer a perspective you may not have considered yet.

What is your pet peeve?

Small talk.

What is your secret talent?

I’m an excellent listener….and that I can do the Dorothy skip from Wizard of Oz. I’m empathic and athletic

When you leave the office, where do you want to go?

To a sand volleyball court, on a spontaneous date with my husband, to ukulele jams with friends, to share a home cooked meal, on campouts without cell service, to engage in rich conversation with girlfriends, on a walk in the woods.

Who inspires you? 

  1. Anyone willing to stand up and speak up for justice when their message it isn’t popular or fully understood by the masses.
  2. The wisdom of the younger generations who are using their voices for change, and
  3. My neighbor and friend, Nancy Stevens. Look her up on Upworthy. You’ll see why.

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