PPC Management

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaign Management

Cross Dot Digital provides businesses in Bend, and nationwide, with unparalleled Google Ads and PPC management services. We are skilled in creating high-performance campaigns that are able to generate unrivaled ROI. We create Ads campaigns with low cost per conversion in mind, so our clients are getting more results for their investment. The great thing about Google Ads is that it allows for specifically targeted marketing that can reach many marketing channels, whether that be search marketing, call-only ads, video marketing, and additional channels. All channels are also managed under one platform, making it easy to keep track of your campaigns.

We know that the PPC industry is very competitive and does require skill and knowledge to navigate. With Cross Dot, and our Bend area Google Ads and PPC management services, we can create keyword and marketing content that will entice your potential customers and track those customers throughout the sales process. We also optimize various aspects of the campaign to ensure we maximize the performance: keywords, bids, time ads are run, location, ad copy, and several other variables. At Cross Dot, we make sure your Ads budget is used effectively to ensure you see a quality return on investment. Contact us today to learn more about our Bend area Google Ads and PPC management services.

Ads Management Overview:

  • Our Management Fee is below the industry average and varies based on campaign complexity and budget.
  • Interview to understand goals and objectives of campaign.
  • Website evaluation and preparation to identify capabilities and weaknesses of the website, and to install conversion tracking.
  • Keyword research to determine what keywords are related to the website, and what keywords are in demand.
  • PPC account creation with professionally built ads, targeting, and budget.
  • Campaign launch to test the new campaign, see the websites response and flow of the campaign before a full launch.
  • Optimization of the campaign including ads, bids, keywords, time to show ads, and several additional settings.
  • Keyword growth by identifying new keywords that ensure campaign growth and expansion.












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