Chief Operations Officer: Selene Kinyon

Selene brings more than 25 years of executive- and administrative-level experience to Cross Dot Digital. Her experience and leadership have been focused on developing and delivering technology-driven business services and solutions, providing outstanding client service, and driving profitable revenue growth. Her knowledge and understanding of organizational processes enable her to have day-to-day oversight of Cross Dot’s operations and lead with enthusiasm and professional dedication. Her attention to detail keeps our team in line and out of trouble…well, mostly. Selene grew up in Bend and although she left to get her bachelor’s degree at the University of Portland, she came back once she started her family. Selene loves spending time with her family, adventures outdoors, “projects” involving crafts and DIY ideas, and of course wrestling with her two adorable dogs.

I’m obsessed with…

Tiny things…tiny creatures, tiny houses, tiny furniture, tiny foods, you name it~ if it’s tiny, I love it!

Favorite childhood book?

Harriet the Spy. I probably read it no less than 50 times during my childhood. That book was my source, my bible of sorts~ where I learned all of my super spy talents.

Don’t tell anyone, but ___________________ always makes me cry.

Anything related to my children, if they smile, cry, laugh, win, lose, dream, discover…it fills my heart and makes me cry. Also, the movie Beaches is a slam dunk for tears…every.single.time.


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