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When it comes to the look of your company, having the right design matters. You want something that speaks to people, shows them what makes your company stand out, and provides them with information about what you can do for them. Cross Dot Digital has the team and the necessary graphic design skills to bring your company out into the open with style. Whether you need a new logo, a new color scheme, or business cards – we can help. As a full-service digital marketing company in Bend, we can provide superior graphic design services to ensure our clients’ projects are creative and unique to their brands.



Your business deserves to have a brand that is as compelling as the services you provide your customers. It is important that what you think your brand is, is in fact the perception of your brand. Whether you are building homes or selling clothing, we can help you determine the right image for you. Cross Dot Digital will take the time to find out where your brand is now and where you want to take it. We will create a brand mark that is sure to find connection with your customers and with your target market.


At Cross Dot Digital, we are a team of ambitious and driven people. We thrive on the unique and the original, and when it comes to website design and social media that is just what we set out to achieve. We want your business to stand out and be bold just as much as you do. The internet is crowed, and with our web design services and social media management, you are sure to be noticed. We are highly versed in the WordPress platform and we can create a mobile responsive and SEO friendly site that best fits your business and brand. We can also create branded, engaging content to keep all of your social media platforms fresh and updated.


Every website should have content that captures the readers attention, especially when that reader is a potential customer. Poor copywriting can be the difference between gaining a customer or losing one, especially if that content is on an important flyer or brochure you are handing out. Cross Dot Digital can fill your website and informational products with content that will convince a customer to pick you over someone else. As a full-service digital marketing company, we all take part in helping your business thrive, so our content writers work closely with our graphic designers and SEO specialists to create content worthy of your brand.


The internet is becoming a tough place for small businesses to hold their own. So many companies are seeing the value of an internet marketing strategy. This is where Cross Dot Digital comes into play. We are a digital marketing agency that pulls out all the stops for our clients; SEO, PPC, social media, content creation, and more. SEO is the process of building a website’s online visibility with unpaid search tactics. While having content is important, having that content optimized with ideal keywords regarding your business is key. Google then crawls your website and can see what services you provide and where.


Reputation Management with Cross Dot Digital is a combination of public relation tactics and SEO strategies in order to push positive content above the negative. It is essential to work with a digital marketing company who understands search algorithms and the importance of PR. Online reputation matters when you are trying to attract new clients, gaining financing for a business opportunity, and even running for public office. Ultimately, when we want information about something, we turn to Google. What we find online can tend to influence our actions and perceptions.