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In business, it is difficult to find ‘your people.’ Cross Dot Digital are ‘your people.’ Friends and family alike, CEO, Michelle Hart, has always been a dream to work with. Even when my energies are low, she comes bursting in the room with innovative ideas, reworking the wheel, and proposing ways to keep up with the movers and the shakers. You want them to be on your side. Great team!

Kelsey Kasco

Owner, Dash & White

When we decided to open The Wandering Chef, we knew that the appearance of our food truck would be a huge part of our business, because in order for people to try our food they had to be attracted to the truck. We had ideas, but we didn’t know how to bring them to fruition. Fortunately, we knew Michelle Hart. Her team at Cross Dot advised us through multiple drafts and meetings, took our rough drawings to a finished design we LOVE, and when catastrophe struck and it didn’t look like there was any way our truck could be ready on time for the grand opening we had already announced, Cross Dot came through and found a company that got our truck done on time, on budget, and with no hidden costs, all while ALSO working with us on logo and website creation and content. The path to opening a business is full of twists and turns, but Cross Dot helped us navigate it with very few bumps in the road. We highly recommend the team at Cross Dot – they delivered our dream.

Thomas Lubinski

Owner + Chef, Wandering Chef

I had a very specific image in my mind when I met with Michelle and Aimee. How they executed my vision, and actually expanded it, was incredible! I look forward to collaborating with them again in the near future. Also, that office is open and safe, and badass!                                        

Sheareen R.

Owner, General Store 1326

Cross Dot and Michelle came highly recommended and they lived up to every bit of the recommendation. It’s not often that we are able to find partners, much less agencies, that grasp the difference between our main line of Boost Oxygen and THINK TANK, but Michelle got the idea right away and we were more than comfortable letting her run with her own ideas. In fact, sales of THINK TANK grew independently of Boost Oxygen while Michelle was managing our Facebook page.
Mike Grill

Marketing Director, THINK TANK | Boost Oxygen

Cross Dot has an amazing team of professionals that offer a well rounded creative and strategic marketing and branding firm. They are so wonderful to work with and have as much passion for our projects as we do! I highly recommend working with the Cross Dot team!
Stephanie Shaver

Bend Chamber

I recently reached out to Cross Dot Digital Creative and PR Agency because we launched a private equity fund last year that requires a very specific communication channel, and I knew that we wanted competent guidance on how to best represent our firm in the very narrow (institutional investors) landscape we operate within. To date, Cross Dot and CEO, Michelle Hart, has exceeded our expectations, and I look forward to seeing them execute solutions that they presented to us.
Joseph Gwin

General Partner, GlobalSource Capital Management

This is a top notch team. Their market knowledge and digital expertise are impeccable. They are authentic and engaging. They take the time to really understand the business they are representing. I recommend Cross Dot without reservation!
Laura Pennavaria

MD, Homestead Family Medicine

I reached out to Michelle Hart and her company Cross Dot Digital, specifically for the purpose of reputation repair.  I had been trying for some time with other companies with little success. This was not the case with Michelle. I finally found a company that performed. Michelle and her company exceeded my expectations in terms of results and their expedient, professional approach.  As a business owner in the community, my reputation is of great importance to me. Through Cross Dot Digital’s hard work and perseverance, I was able to restore my good name and once again sleep at night.

Roger G.

Portland, Rep Management Client

I hired Cross Dot to work as my PR agency regarding a reality show endeavor and found every single one of them to be up to date with the current trends, reputation management, and point of contact for all the necessary communications. Additionally, they nailed my social media management and SEO for another business venture I worked with them on. I cannot recommend them enough.

Serial Start-Up Founder, Private Investor & Business Consultant

the cross dot credo

Our mantra is “Do no harm, but take no shite.”