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You have a unique product or a special service to offer, and you have some money to back it up. Now, what do you do? What’s your plan of attack? How is your company different? How is it not just valuable to the public, but irreplaceable? What’s your story? What are your principles and core values? What is your voice? Who is your audience and how will you reach them?
Let Cross Dot be your guide on a journey to a clearer and more articulate vision of your brand. Defining and refining your brand identity and strategy will give you new tools for communication and growth.

Through an assortment of interviews, workshops, research and analysis, we can develop a robust brand strategy program that will give us the tools to produce a variety of essential brand components to grow your business, including:

  • a new logo.
  • brand platform.
  • style guide.
  • mission and positioning statements.
  • creative briefs and more.

Before you know it, these tools will be transforming the way you do business, building stronger relationships with employees and customers, and leveraging opportunities for growth.


brand strategy deliverables


BUSINESS NAMES, PRODUCT NAMES & TAGLINES – our interactive workshop process will guide you through a series of exercises to help uncover a name or tagline that fits your brand strategy and grows along with you.

POSITIONING STATEMENTS – we can help you express how your brand fills a particular consumer need in a way that your competitors don’t.

MISSION & VISION STATEMENTS – whether you want a statement that reveals your purpose and commitment to your customers or one that summarizes your internal goals and aspirations for your business, we’ll help you craft something that’s rooted in your company’s core values.

CORE VALUES – the value system at the heart of your company can be articulated and used as a measuring device for every decision your business makes.

COMPETITOR RESEARCH – By researching and comparing your competitors’ key strengths and weaknesses, we can uncover and opportunities in messaging, services, USPs and web presence.

UNIQUES – Establishing three ways that your organization stands apart from the competition is a critical sales and marketing tool, and paves the way for strategic growth.

PERSONAS – Creating a fictional character to represent a customer type that engages with your brand allows us to easily explore the diverse nature of your audience.

BRAND CHARACTER – We will use archetype based exercises to help you develop the character and personality of your brand.

LOGO & BRAND STYLE GUIDE – Our logo development prsss
Your logo is the rock upon which your brand is built. It should be solid enough to be the foundation that supports everything you build on top of it. Yet, it should be flexible enough to represent all aspects of your organization as it develops and expands in the future.

Our skilled logo designers have delivered extraordinary identity packages for both small and large businesses across the country. We work closely with you, sweating every detail – from kerning to color choice – to make sure you receive a mark that you, your employees and your customers will be attracted to.