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reputation management

public relations + reputation management

In a world that’s overrun with surveys, ratings and random opinions, companies need to be especially conscientious about negative reviews and stories, and how they may adversely impact their business.

Public Relations is all about sharing the right information with the right people in the right places at the right times, with the intention of building the brand reputation. PR is vital for any brand, because when used appropriately, it can solidify or change the course of a company – giving it the power to withstand or overcome almost any obstacle.

At Cross Dot Digital Creative + PR Agency, our focus is on developing and executing strategically targeted press campaigns to brand clients as leaders in their particular industry. Our energetic and accessible PR team uses trusted media connections in support of a wide array of product lines. Our clients include start-ups, established Fortune 500 companies, and innovators in the world of products, medical services, real estate, retail products and even up-and-coming reality TV stars.

Reputation Management is the art of driving positive content to the top of the public’s perception, especially when outdated, incorrect or negative messages, or even misguided rumours have come to the surface. It’s not always possible to remove old “glamour shots” from the Internet. But with a strong and timely response, we can shift from damage control to a reputation that’s completely reinforced. Just consider us a contemporary version of Ray Donovan, The Fixer. Only we kill ‘em with kindness.