Crossdot Digital

aimee jameson

senior designer
Favorite Movie:
Mamma Mia – I would love to live in a Mamma Mia movie for a month out of the year…beach, sun, singing, dancing, sequins… I’m there!!
Earliest Design Influence:
The Sonny & Cher Show… the Bob Mackie dresses, the long hair, that killer S&C graphic backdrop, and Chastity (Chaz) in his mini Bob Mackie dresses. All…just…dreamy!!!
Don’t let the Sonny & Cher influence fool you. Although Aimée is a dance mom at heart and has designed some pretty amazing dance costumes loaded with bling, she’s also designed everything from men’s golf shirts to paddleboards. Aimée’s early career in Apparel Design frequently took her on research trips to Europe and product development trips to Asia, Eastern Europe, and South America. Beyond the basics, her expansive portfolio over the last 30 years, includes paper party products, photoshoot styling, catalog and magazine layout, stationery and invitation design, product packaging, tradeshow booth design, and murals that can be found in the interiors of college campus housing throughout the country. If there’s “Swiss Army Knife” of design, it’s Aimée.

When working on branding, Aimée sees the big picture from the initial logo design to your signage and swag. Her impeccable attention to detail and her ability to translate her client’s needs have contributed to award-winning designs for both logo work and magazine layouts.

Aimée and her husband, Matt, have 2 girls. Lili, who is studying Psychology at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, and Ruby, who is a freshman in high school. And, their two mischievous black cats, Miso & Slim. When Aimée’s not working in her studio, she loves to hang out with her family, playing games, cooking, hiking, skiing, paddle boarding, and she’s happiest when they’re all on a sunny beach together

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