Crossdot Digital

michelle hart

ceo | creative director
My secret talent is:
I can clap so loudly that it would hurt your ear drums.
Favorite Phrase:
“Good Enough Sucks”
What is something very few people know about you?
I won a triathlon in 1996 in Logansport, Indiana.
crossdot class 2021
Michelle has been in a sales, marketing, or leadership position since the ice age or at least since records were the primary source for music and pagers were the hot new tech item. As Founder and CEO of Cross Dot Digital & Creative Agency, Michelle is charged with keeping the company pushing forward. From leading business development to engaging projects, to rolling up her sleeves for hands-on work that goes along with the day-to-day operations, Michelle is always willing to do what it takes to get things done. She’s known for her ‘can do’ attitude backed up by more than 22 years’ experience delivering high-end, creative solutions on time and on budget. Michelle is a people loving introvert who has lived in Bend, OR since 1996 with her husband, two kids and three English Bulldogs. She cares deeply about her team, her clients, her community and fostering the human connection side of doing business. Michelle is always on the lookout for the perfect guacamole recipe.
Leadership Roles
OYSA – District Director
Bend FC Timbers – Active Board Member, President


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