derrick wheeler

strategic SEO consultant
Something very few people know about me:
I can still break dance doing the half splits.
When was the exact moment you knew you were a nerd?
Nerd. Who says I’m a nerd?
Derrick is a highly-regarded, world-class SEO strategist with a 20-year track record of driving revenue and cost savings for large, global enterprises. For 11 years Derrick built agency-powered SEO programs and acted as the lead consultant for significant engagements and global brands. Then, he worked as an in-house SEO specialist at Microsoft, driving growth for the large portfolio of Microsoft owned and operated websites. Derrick is a popular speaker at large digital marketing conferences like SMX Advanced, Pubcon Las Vegas, and Search Engine Strategies, so we consider him our resident celebrity. Derrick lends his expertise to the Cross Dot team whenever called upon, showering us with his sharp minded skills and vast knowledge of the industry. He also speaks at many small regional conferences like Swivel and Searchfest. His success and experience with enterprise-level SEO is unrivaled and has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in cost savings and revenue growth for his clients.

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