Crossdot Digital

hadley lowe

project manager
My secret talent is:
I can walk on the tops of my toes.
Currently obsessed with:
Fannie Flagg books
Favorite TV show:
Gilmore Girls, all day, every day.
crossdot class 2021
Hadley is brand new to the marketing game, fresh blood, if you will. She is learning as much as possible in between Braxton-hicks contractions! Soon to be a new mom, Hadley expects a baby boy in June. When she isn’t preparing for these crazy life changes, Hadley enjoys baking, textile art such as embroidery, acrylic painting, playing with her Aussie-kelpie mix Melody, and cooking with her partner Remi. Hadley is an organized, warm, and creative person, always willing to listen and help you work out the details of your projects and needs.

Hadley and her family moved to Central Oregon from Botswana, Africa, when she was nine years old. Her father and grandfather having both worked as loggers in surrounding woods of Central Oregon for many years, her family is well established here and very excited to welcome her baby boy. The mountain lakes and rivers ring with fond childhood memories for her, and despite the ever-growing tourism, this is home. Sunshine is her first antidote to all ills and a good book the second.

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