Graphic Designer: Elissa Davis

Elissa has been a graphic designer for over 25 years. Her career has thrived in both the structure of large advertising agencies as well as the flexible world of freelancing. Elissa is passionate about her work and loves creating fabulous designs that fulfill all her clients’ expectations as well as provide well organized thought to their projects. Elissa has worked for a vast range of clients – from corporations like eBay to small businesses like Red Bee Press in Bend, Oregon.  

Elissa grew up in Saratoga, California and has a BA in Communication Design from Chico State University. 

Elissa has two kids Kevin and Kira who are currently attending the Arts University in Bournemouth to pursue animation. Elissa is engaged to Dan Parr who has 4 kids Kristen, Scott, Doug, Josh and Cordelia the cat. Elissa loves spending time with her family and friends; going on hikes, vacations, movies, playing board games and just hanging out. 

Claim to fame…

I designed the original eBay logo 23 years ago. I was a junior graphic designer and it was my first logo. Heartbreaking that they have recently redesigned it in a generic version. Originally, eBay wanted a fun, involving mark that would convey a feeling of community. I also thought it should capture the random nature of eBay’s endless array of products. I was inspired by the colors in the old Apple logo and by the game Twister. Then I let the colors overlap and blend, lending a feeling of playful interaction. 

Favorite movie…

Lord of the Rings, I am a total nerd and love the world that Tolkien created. Needless to say… I love the books too. 

Favorite food…

I LOVE potatoes. Darn it. Wish they were the best food ever for you, but they aren’t. 


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